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Süderhöft, one of the smallest municipalities in Germany with currently only 20 inhabitants, is idyllically located between Marsch and Geest in the nature reserve around the Treene river. In the surrounding area there are villages with names like Fresendelf (there is a nice swimming spot at the river Treene), Bergenhusen (famous for its stork population) and Hollbüllhuus.

Apart from nice people, cows and sheep, there is not much going on in Süderhöft. But that's actually the beauty of this small village.


In the next larger town of Schwabstedt there is a restaurant, a café, a supermarket and two bakeries. Friedrichstadt is 14 km away and, in addition to other supermarkets, also has a weekly market every Friday. The market in Husum is about twice as far away - but it´s also twice as often: every Thursday and Saturday.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about Süderhöft & the surrounding area. Write us!

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Within a radius of 50 km

Bergenhusen - village with large stork population (> 20 occupied nests in 2019) (6km)

Schwabstedt - Beautiful swimming spot at the Treene (4km)

Fresendelf - Treene swimming spot next to the former ferry house (2 km)

Friedrichstadt - or the Dutch town. Located between the rivers Eider and Treene with canals and historic old town (14 km)

Husum - city by the North Sea and the Wadden Sea with a beautiful harbor (22km)

Schleswig - Viking town at the river Schlei (34 km)

St. Peter Ording - miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, unique dune landscapes (50 km)

Westerhever Lighthouse -  Famous landmark very close to St. Peter Ording (50 km)

Eckernförde - More than 700 years old harbor city with a long fine sandy Baltic Sea beach (50 km)

Heide - Not far from the North Sea and with almost 47,000 square meters Germany's largest market place (36 km)

Flensburg - This beautiful city in the very north of Schleswig-Holstein is only 1 hour drive away and is definitely worth a visit (68 km).

Arnis - Holds the title of the smallest town in Germany. There are no cars disturbing the walk through this atmospheric city, because only residents are allowed to drive here. But don't worry, the visitor car park is just outside the gates of Arnis (70 km).

Damp - Beautiful sandy beach on the Baltic Sea. You'll also find a beautiful coastal cliff very close by at Schönhagen (68 km).

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